Table Manners Atelier: Your Destination To Buy Silverware Online

Table Manners Atelier: Your Destination To Buy Silverware Online

It’s universal—silverware is a great gifting option for several occasions but where you should buy silverware online is usually the missing piece of the puzzle. Did you know Table Manners Atelier, from the House of Table Manners, is a destination dedicated to buying silverware online? For anyone looking to get pieces for their own homes or choose silverware gifts as presents, there is something for everyone.

What’s different about Table Manners Atelier
Handcrafted. Bespoke. Made with meticulous attention to detail. With love from India to homes around the world. Silverware gifts from Table Manners Atelier were made to become luxuriously yours. When you buy silverware online, you’re often left in wonder about the quality but with Table Manners Atelier, you are promised authenticity, quality, and purity with our stamp of trust card that you receive as a hallmark.

The purpose of our silverware is simple but succinct: To keep our traditions alive through contemporary celebrations. Conventionally, silverware would surface only a few times a year during the festive season or occasions. It would also make an appearance sometimes through silverware wedding gifts. This is because the aesthetics and the designs were suitable only for certain kinds of events. However, to appeal to the hosts of today, Table Manners Atelier has reimagined silverware in designs that can become a part of your every day and occasion-ready tables as often as your host.

Buy silverware online for diverse tabletops
Divinity is still an integral part of our mood board. However, taking it beyond, Table Manners Atelier serves the imagination of the hosts and the gifter with exquisitely crafted pieces that you can choose from as you buy silverware online on our website. From Thali sets to wine chillers, from trinket boxes to nut jars, and from cake stands to barbecue burners, your options for silverware wedding gifts to luxury corporate gifts or even picking out your heirloom treasures are as diverse as your tabletops. Each of these designs is created in limited quantities, making them rarely-seen gems that are desirable to have and delightful to gift.

But can you buy silverware online with confidence?
Your apprehensions are valid. Whether the quality matches the price, whether they’ll be delivered carefully and satisfactorily, whether the quality is as genuine as the promises made to you… all the questions you have, we get it. This is why, at Table Manners Atelier, we made it easier for you to buy silverware online addressing several of your concerns through our processes and services.

  1. Material & Quality: Stainless steel with a silver-plated finish is the most durable and resistant to tarnishing, making it the perfect every day as well as multiple occasion-ready choice for the hosts.

  2. Curation: Table Manners Atelier prides itself on offering a carefully curated collection of silverware. Each piece is selected for its quality, design, and functionality. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

  3. Convenience: Our web store on has a dedicated online store to buy silverware online from Table Manners Atelier where you can browse the design and the details and make your purchase decisions from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

  4. Certificate of Authenticity: Each of your purchases come with our Certificate of Authenticity that validates your purchases so that you’re confident in every single piece, every single time.

  5. Craftspersonship: At Table Manners Atelier, we hold creativity close to our hearts but we speak of excellence in the same breath. While each piece is a work of art and labour of love, behind the appearance, it is the hard and meticulous work of our craftspersons who chisel excellence down to every detail…’cause after all, luxury lies within them.

  6. Hassle-free Delivery: For all our in-stock silverware gifts, our standard delivery processes apply. Within Delhi & NCR, same-day delivery can also be arranged. For international shipping, you can connect with our team and understand our shipping processes based on your location. Bespoke purchases would have varying delivery timelines based on the nature of customisation which the team at Table Manners Atelier will inform you at the time of purchase.

  7. Bespoke: For those looking to add a personal touch, Table Manners Atelier offers customisation. Whether you want to engrave initials on your silverware or choose a bespoke design, you can customise your silverware to become uniquely yours.

  8. Giftability: When you’re looking for festive luxury corporate gifts, you might look for simple yet elegant, contemporary designs. While you can consider them for silverware wedding gifts yet prefer something ornate, you can pick from a range of designs if you know your giftee’s aesthetics well.

  9. Care & Maintenance: Each purchase comes with its own set of care and maintenance instructions so that your silverware remains as precious as the sentiment behind it and lasts you a lifetime. You can preserve the silverware gifts with love, a little care, and a whole lot of happy memories.

  10. Customer Service: To buy silverware online you don’t have to miss the in-store personalisation. The team at Table Manners Atelier is happy to help you purchase while working with you through your questions. You can reach us in case of any inquiries and we would be happy to assist you through them and enhance your online shopping experience.

Because we understand your love for silverware, we also understand everything essential for you to buy silverware online with confidence. Your experience with buying silverware online matters to us as much as your experience with our designs.

With our commitment to craft and customer service, you can count on us to bring you the perfect match of quality with convenience, making your journey to finding the perfect luxury corporate gifts, wedding or festive gifts, or pieces for your tables a seamless one.

So why wait? Elevate your tabletops or of the ones you love today with silverware gifts from Table Manners Atelier. The full range is available for you to discover, explore, and shop at

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