“Table Manners was created as a reflection of my vision, where we bring many unique diversities around the world to life through a curation of imaginative tableware and tabletop adornments that evolve into beautiful and inviting tablescapes, each one called as the Collector’s Table.

I have always found an attachment to the various elements of culture I absorb during my travels that, over the years, have shaped my curiosity to reinvent them as a part of everyday living.

Inspired by art, food, design, architecture, travel, and culture, Table Manners moulds eclecticism in the form of our creative pieces that find a seat on your table. Each Collector’s Table is designed to fuel the fancies of a collector with a keen eye for quality, luxury, and creating unforgettable experiences.”

— Shikha Nanda, Founder/Creative Director

Quality, intricacy, and selectivity are the three commandments of a Table Manners promise. Every creation stands for joy, celebration, and the art of experiences, in symbolism, collectively making them a choice you make for your table or a gift to share worth treasuring!