Handcrafted and bespoke luxury that keeps the craft of the material and the art of the craft maker at the heart of a highly curated range of tableware and adornments.

Creativity meets Excellence

At Table Manners Atelier, we hold creativity close to our hearts but we speak of excellence in the same breath. While each piece is a work of art and labour of love, behind the appearance, it is the hard and meticulous work of our craftspersons who chisel excellence down to every detail…’cause after all, luxury lies within them.

Tradition meets Modernity

The unparalleled make, making, finish and finesse of the collections from Table Manners Atelier come from the touch of the masters of craft. Our generational artisans preserve the legacy of their artistry as their heritage in its truest, purest form while breathing a fresh life into contemporary designs.

Craft meets Celebration

From an everyday moment at the table to generous and inviting special occasions and festivities, Table Manners Atelier believes in the virtue of celebrations. Every piece is crafted to reflect the joy of our authentic creations in your spaces, on your tables, transcending to the joy of making memories.

A range of handcrafted silver-plated collectibles created to celebrate, to adorn, to pass down as heirloom; for every festivity is a memory in the making that deserves its own moment that glitters.