Winter Solstice

Buy luxury tableware collection with Winter Solstice from Table Manners

As the year reaches another milestone, Table Manners is ready to turn the scenes at the table. As one of the best dinnerware brand in India, we bring to you a unique selection of luxury tableware sets that range across dinnerware, accessories, and other staples with Collector’s Table 23.2. - Winter Solstice.

As an ode to the time of the year where the festive spirit is in full spring, the season of gifting arrives, and there’s merry all the way, Table Manners’ latest in luxury tableware collection, as one of the most unique luxury dinnerware brands online, we have curated luxury tableware sets and beyond for a diverse range of choices and preferences around holiday tables.

What makes us the best tableware brand? At Table Manners, we understand the demands of the table. Our collections are made to suit and cater to hosts and hostesses and guests with refined choices. We understand not all tables are the same. That’s why there is something fresh, something different, something for a collector each time our luxury tableware collection launches. We do not compromise on quality and that is why we are also regarded highly as a premium tableware brand serving homes in India and around the globe. As the best tableware brand, the only thing we put above your satisfaction is the quality of our tableware sets.

The Winter Solstice DNA as a luxury dinnerware brand

With our Winter Solstice tableware collection, we wanted to bring you something unusual, something phenomenal that leaves your guests in awe. Whether you choose to lay the tableware sets on your table or gift them to a close one, our aim is to have them pleasantly surprised with joy. We wanted the collection of our luxury tableware sets to tingling memories of the zesty summer in a cosy winter while lifting up the holiday state of mind.

What in the Winter Solstice!

Think luxury tableware collection reimagined in the season’s freshest picks for you by the best dinnerware brand in India. That’s Winter Solstice by Table Manners for you in 23.2. Edition of Collector’s Table. From a glistening brass thali to a sparkly crystal glass. From meticulously handmade cutlery to neatly embroidered table linen, you’ll find a wide variety of collectibles in this curation. As our esteemed community continues to pour love as we climb the ladder to come the best dinnerware brand, we continue to find our joy in you loving your collections for your spaces, homes, and tables!

Colours of merry

Winter Solstice takes it beyond the conventional fall and Christmas colours. It’s the holidays and the season of gifting; as a luxury dinnerware brand, we’re ready to make the jingle noise! We have reimagined the season decked in white, red, and green with a dash of gold, orange, and yellow. And for the ones who like a little understated mood, there are greys and blues that exude sublime iridescence. As one of the luxury dinnerware brands that has got everyone’s eyes, we’re making the most of it with a versatile collection that is able to reflect the vibe of many homes.

Material love from a premium dinnerware brand

The make of the collectibles from Winter Solstice is as uniquely diverse as the range itself. From bone china to brass, from stainless steel to glass, you’ll find premium quality tableware sets finished to perfection keeping up with our reputation of the best tableware brand online. While other luxury dinnerware brands offer aesthetics that are enjoyable, with Table Manners it’s hard not to fall in love with the finesse.

Piecing a table worth loving together

With Collector’s Table 23.2., begins another era of happy holidays. It is about bringing the closest ones closer, piecing the most loved collectibles around the table to enjoy and celebrate over. Eye candy for some guests, essentials for some, and the best thing on the table for some, the reserved sign goes out to these special ones elevating your tableware collection. As a luxury dinnerware brand, we understand the importance of an elegant table as much as we love an eclectic one, giving you a plethora of choices for both so that you can play by the mood. Ultimately, the art of entertaining is fulfilled when the host or the hostess themselves is in love with their table, innit?

What goes around…

What goes around behind the scenes of creating a collection that comes from a premium tableware brand that is regarded as the best dinnerware brand online by popular choice? The answer is simple but the process is complex. When we decided to bring together a new kind of Winter Solstice for you, we went back to the drawing board with our founder Shikha and identified what our community expects from the best dinnerware brand in India. We brought all the inspiration from food, mood, culture, people, and history together and created our go to source for all things that make a collector yearn. We fused it with a nostalgic palette of colours, quality material, and innovative design details that strike a chord with expert tablescapers, connoisseurs, and admirers alike! We dug deeper into reimagining the conventional geometry of wine glasses, took away the mundane from table linen, jolted our dinnerware with aesthetics, induced versatility into our flatware, bringing all of it together into one collection that is made to last on your tables and in your cabinets for seasons to come! And you thought it was easy being a luxury dinnerware brand that loves you tables more than you do.

Thinking back of the joy that we get from bringing joy to your tables, it was evident we wanted to be a part of every celebration that you are planning for the season. And that’s why we wanted to become the best dinnerware brand that is your go-to for every occasion. Our collection Winter Solstice is synonymous with our philosophy that believes in putting you first and making memories around the table an affair to remember each time. We want to make moments count, we want your guests and giftees to enjoy what you create for them, making this holiday season unforgettable for years to come!