Get Set Ready! It’s Wine O’clock

People say, 'Love is in the air.' Perhaps. But I believe love in the glass of wine that takes your mind to a blissful place where love resides.

What do you think? Ponder over it on your couch with a glass full of the wine and you'd know the answer as the content of the glass will go down your throat and an ecstatic, cozy feeling will surround you.

If you need more reasons to get convinced that love and wine are manufactured at the same place, think of any occasion that is complete without popping the cork of a wine bottle. Be it a wedding, promotion, office party, birthday, or anniversary, wine is mandatory. It is more or less like a rule that we unconsciously follow.

It's Wine O'Clock

Honestly, you don't need an occasion to pour wine in your glass as it is rightly said- "I just checked my watch and it's wine o'clock"

In fact, the phrase- wine o'clock is so popular that in 2015, the Oxford dictionary officially recognized it as an appropriate time to drink wine.

According to a study, 6:59 pm is an ideal time to savor wine, however, the oxford dictionary doesn't mention the exact time, which proves that any time of the day is suitable for opening the wine bottle without any guilt.

Me, Myself and Wine

JaM Cellars conducted research examining the drinking habits and little life pleasures of 2000 people. And it's time for all wine connoisseurs to pump up their chest as drinking wine topped the list with over 65% named a glass of wine as their best little treat.

Though the results are not surprising as love for wine is universal and we all love to spend our 'me time' with wine and complimenting the food. Afterall, as the office clock strikes six, we wait to reach our humble abode, take off our shoes, loosen up the tie, treat ourselves with red love in glass and relaxing music.

The same research suggests that 55% of the people surveyed prefer sipping wine on Saturdays.

So ladies and gentlemen, get inspired to treat yourself with love and wine on the coming weekend. Light up some scented candles, put on a face mask, dip your feet in warm water and drink wine to completely relax your body and mind.

Different types of wine glasses

Now that I have convinced you to spend your weekend with wine, I must tell you how wine glasses play an important role in the taste of the wine.

From serving temperature to shape of glass, wine requires very specific serving procedures to enhance its taste.

Although there are many varieties of glasses, there are few staples for the different types of wine.

Red wine glasses- A typical red glass wine is a large glass with a full and round opening that enables you to dip your nose to detect the aroma and increases the oxidation rate, giving a smoother finish.

White wine glasses- A typical white glass is more U shaped and smaller than a red wine glass which preserves the aroma and the cool temperature of the wine.

Champagne glasses- Sparkling wine or champagne chutes have narrow and upright bowls to preserve carbonation and flavor.

Table Manners has an exquisite collection of wine glasses, decanters, ice buckets and all other necessary cutlery to add spark to your wine party or wine-o-me-party

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