101 Guide to a Luxe Dine-In at Home Sweet Home

Reminiscing the time when after an exhausting day at work, a dine-in at our favorite restaurant used to fill our hearts with joy. Clinking of the wine glasses, brilliantly lit hall, embellished linens, soft whispers of people, music, flowers, and ecstatic laughter- used to set our mood instantly.

Isn’t life all about these little moments of happiness? But unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it all seems a distant memory. Now sitting at home with a freezing gaze at the laptop screen for endless hours has become a new normal, and it is definitely taking a toll on our mental health.

Well, we can’t change the situation, but we can definitely do something to create the little joy moments at home. After all, if life gets mundane, we just have to pour champagne in the champagne glasses and escape the world for a while to keep our sanity intact. And we do it with royalty, like the royals do with Table Manners.

A 101 guide to the fine dining experience at your abode Make your dine-in a special day to remember with the finesse of glazing dinnerware, epitome of soothing music and family get-together. Here’s what all you need to do:

Prepare the haute cuisine menu

It is time to check your home chef’s skills. Prepare a menu card of gourmet dishes to savour your taste buds after having the same bland food every day. Probably, check online for some exotic dishes ideas and get your chef at work.

Dazzle your dining room

Start with decorating the room with some fairy lights and candles. Then, take out the fancy table linens you bought last year for a dinner party that got canceled due to the unprecedented pandemic.

If it is a dinner date with your beau, there is no harm in adding a little drama. You can adorn the dining table by putting a glass vase filled with fresh flowers and lighting some scented candles in an exotic candle holder. Finally, rummage through a list of ambient songs in your Apple music for the perfect background score.

Bring on the table your opulent cutlery set

This is the step that makes all the difference, where either you make it or break it. Nothing can be more disastrous than serving your pasta alla norma on a regular dinner plate in a luxe dine-in. Don’t let the bad cutlery ruin the whole setting.

Take out the best cutlery from the cabinet— everything from dinner plate to flatware should be exquisite, matching your royal persona.

If you’re having a tough time choosing the best dinner sets for your dinner, it is the right time to add more to your existing collection.

You might amaze yourself with a magnificent collection of Table Manners, and they are also running sales at the moment; who knows, you might end up buying what you’re looking for at a significant price.

Dress up, Your Highness

Finally, now that you are done with all the preparations, take a relaxing hot shower. Pick your favorite gown from the closet, throw on some red lipstick and matching heels. Pour the robust wine from the decanter into your glasses and CHEERS! We’ll leave you here with your intimate dinner.

P.S. - Don’t forget to take pictures and inspire your friends!G


  • Medha Mishra

    I was actually visualising the whole arrangements while reading this… perfect

  • Medha Mishra

    I was actually visualising the whole arrangements while reading this… perfect

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